Monday, 21 March 2016

gardening and foraging

We have a shiny new gardeners n foragers group. Right here in our village and folks ha e travelled from elsewhwere. So i got to go on my first coastal forage in the dead of winter. It was so cold i ended up wearing two coats. And who knew all coastal seaweed was edible? Pick it with scissors to leave the 'roots' and pick a little of each not all of it of course.  And sea buckthorn has squishy orange berries full of vitamin C.  Scoop them off the branches n they implode. Suck up resultant yummy mess.  So at home i soaked the seaweed and cooked some of it briefly. Some was left raw. All was then dehydrated.  I made seaweed powder and also left some whole. Great in stews etc. And the sandhoppers ard edible too...

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