Friday, 20 January 2017

Leftover tub pasties

We are focusing on the food bill and on all bills really. The concept I love this month is shopping in your own cupboards.  Leftover tub pasties are always a favourite meal and work as follows:
If there are little bits of savoury food leftover, instead of putting them in the fridge to go off, you keep a tub in the freezer and put them in there. This is not food off people's plates but that left in the pot.

Once the freezer tub is full, make a batch of shortcrust pastry. Or buy frozen pastry if you prefer, or if the hassle of making pastry is going to mean it never happens.  It is still a very cheap meal.

Empty the tub into a bowl and add seasoning. We add curry powder, herbs and/or tamari.

Roll out the pastry and cut into oblongs.  Put a spoonful of mixture in each one. Add a couple of slices of onion and/or some cheese to each one if you want. Dampen edges of pastry, fold over and press them down.  Bake in the oven on baking trays for about 15 minutes until golden.

The miracle is, whatever you put in them, it always seems to work.

Home made pastry freezes well too so why not make an extra large batch for next time?

Voila - several almost free meals.
And the pasties freeze well.

Contents of the leftover tub

adding a small amount of cheese and onion

Ready for the oven

the finished pasties

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